Lost and Found Pets Box Set by B. L. Blair

This collection contains the first four mystery novellas in the Lost and Found Pets series. Alexandra Prescott is a licensed private investigator specializing in finding missing animals. Reuniting pet and owner is more than just a job.

The Lost Great Dane

While looking for a lost cat, Alex finds a weak and injured Great Dane. The dog has no collar, no tags, and no microchip. And the only person looking for him is a man who might have murdered his own wife. Within 24 hours, Alex has a hunted dog, a cryptic message, and a hitman after her. She realizes the only way out of this mess is to solve the mystery of the lost Great Dane.

The Lost Savannah

Alex is hired to find a lost Savannah, a rare and expensive cat breed. She quickly learns the cat isn’t just missing. The cat was stolen. The main suspect is the next door neighbor who is obsessed with Savannahs and the game of golf. Soon Alex discovers a black market ring in the world of fanatic Savannah cat breeders. She has to dust off her rusty investigative skills to solve the mystery of the lost Savannah.

The Lost Spaniel

When Alex’s mentor, Eddie Hill, calls about his lost Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Alex rushes to the rescue. They quickly track the dog to an abandoned construction site, but after bullets start flying, Alex realizes there’s more to this case than a missing dog. Alex and Eddie have to dig into their pasts to find out who might want to harm them or their pets. The list of suspects grows long as Alex tries to solve the mystery of the lost Spaniel.

The Lost Macaw

A former client hires Alex to find her lost parrot. The bright colored bird has flown away before, but this time there is evidence that Molly was kidnapped. The demand is simple—the bird for the pictures. When her client suffers a stroke, Alex is left with a ransom note, a missing bird, and some very incriminating photos. She is in a race against time to solve the mystery of the lost Macaw.

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From the first novella The Lost Great Dane

The sedan continued to follow me but stayed far enough back to make it seem like it might be a coincidence. When I pulled into the driveway, I took my time getting Hero out of the Jeep. We were just walking through the back gate when the sedan drove by. I shut the gate behind us and peered through one of the slats. The car pulled to a stop in front of one of the houses a few doors down. They quickly doused their lights, but I didn’t see anyone get out.

I hurried Hero into the house. Moving as fast as I could, I grabbed a leash from the stash I keep in a junk drawer and went into the laundry room. Simba greeted me with a soft bark.

“Hey, sweetie,” I said softly. “We need to get you out of here. I’m not sure what the folks in the sedan want, but I don’t want them to know I have found you.”

Quickly, I attached the leash to his collar. We walked out the back door and across the lawn. I peered through the fence on the other side of the house and located the car. It was dark outside, but I saw a shadow move inside the sedan.

One of the things my aunt and Harvey had done was put a gate in the fence between their two yards. It was an unusual situation, but Nora had worried Harvey might need help one day and wanted a way to get to him quickly. Harvey had felt the same way about Nora and me. They had both wanted easy access to the other’s home. Harvey and I use the gate when we visit one another. We seldom enter each other’s house through the front door. Unless someone was standing in one of our backyards, no one would ever see Simba and me.

I led Simba to the back door as quietly as possible. I didn’t think anyone had gotten out of the car, but I wasn’t taking any chances. The back door opens directly into Harvey’s kitchen. There were no lights on, but the old man was something of a night owl. It was only nine so I knew he was still awake. I opened the door and led Simba in without turning on the lights. Just as I was about to close the door, someone grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth to muffle my scream.

About the Author

B. L. Blair writes mystery/romance stories. Like most authors, she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started. She just needs the time to finish them.

She is the author of the Leah Norwood Mysteries and the Lost and Found Pets Mystery Novellas. She loves reading books, writing books, and traveling wherever and as often as time and money allows. She is currently working on her latest book set in Texas, where she lives with her family.

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