The Unexpected Resolution by Elaine L. Orr

About the Book

Wedding days are special, but they don't usually pack as big a surprise as Jolie and Scoobie's New Year's Eve nuptials. Scoobie never knew much about his family -- and after the way he grew up, who could blame him for liking it that way? A 9-1-1 call during the wedding changes everything.

Suddenly, Jolie has to help Scoobie figure out what he wants to know, and determine who seems to want someone in his family dead. Knowing more about Scoobie's past could change their future together. But a special wedding arrival may cause even more complications.

Publisher's Weekly says "The Unexpected Resolution" is a "story about unexpected life events and the honest love that binds no matter what."

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About the Author

Elaine L. Orr writes four mystery series: the Jolie Gentil series at the Jersey shore, the River’s Edge series along Iowa’s Des Moines River, the Family History Mysteries (set in Western Maryland), and the Logland series, which features a small-town Illinois police chief – and a cozy feel. Behind the Walls was a 2014 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem Award finalist, and Demise of a Devious Neighbor a 2017 finalist. The Unscheduled Murder Trip received an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion in 2021. Elaine also writes plays and what she calls reflective fiction, including novellas Falling Into Place and In the Shadow of Light. Elaine is a member of Sisters in Crime and the International Book Publishers Association.

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The Clover City Files Mysteries by Barbara Howard

About the Book

The Taste of Rain
Novella, multi-generational, diverse, young adult, clean, cozy, college town.

In "The Taste of Rain", we follow the story of Amira, a college student who works part-time as a health aide at a local nursing home. One day, she meets an elderly resident, Claire Stewart, who confides in her that her husband was killed years ago, but nobody believed her.

Amira is hesitant to believe Claire at first, but as she gets to know her better, she realizes that there might be some truth to her story. Amira decides to investigate the case and help Claire find the killer.

She must navigate through the complexities of the past and present to find the truth and bring justice for Claire.

Along the way, Amira faces challenges both personally and professionally. She must balance her college studies with her part-time job and her investigation. She also learns to confront her own biases and assumptions about aging and the elderly.

"The Taste of Rain" is a mystery that explores the themes of trust, aging, and justice. It is a heartwarming tale of the unlikely friendship between a young college student and an elderly resident, as they work together to uncover the truth, and solve a decades-old murder.

The Spice Code
Culinary Cozy novella, multi-generational, diverse, young adult, clean, college town.

In the heart of a quiet college town, restaurant owner and chef, Raphael Parera, finds himself entangled in a web of deception that threatens not only his culinary career but his very life. Charmed by the enigmatic beauty of his new girlfriend, Isabella, Raphael is unaware of the darkness lurking beneath her captivating smile.

As their relationship deepens, Raphael suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving his cousin, Amira Cooper, frantic with worry. Unbeknownst to Isabella, he manages to send a cryptic message through a seemingly innocent bag of groceries – a silent clue hidden within a recipe's ingredients.

Desperate to save her beloved cousin, Amira embarks on a perilous journey to decipher the clues concealed within the grocery bag. Will Amira decipher the ingredients' hidden meanings in time to rescue Raphael, or will Isabella's twisted game end in a tragedy that will forever alter their lives? Get ready to indulge in a mystery where every twist and turn will leave you craving more.

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Raphael spotted the narrow alley between the Boat House and the Sailors Knot, home decor shop. Whatever was happening with the police, he intended to avoid it. Harper and his cousin could chase down all those dumpster diving weirdos and track down gossip to their hearts’ content. But, he had more urgent matters to secure. The first step was to get an audience with Chef Dakota Richardson, the owner and executive chef of the Boat House and work up to an in-house apprenticeship, or at least, an event collaboration. He would gauge what direction to go in once he had a meeting set. That was easier said than done. He headed to the rear of the building where he was sure to know someone on staff that would let him in the back.

The early evening air was warm and fragrant, carrying the scents of delicious dishes from the exhaust into the narrow path. Raphael had long been captivated by the style of the restaurant, the warm patio lighting and casual group seating on the rear deck were a perfect backdrop for this prime location at the posh waterfront.

“Today,” he said under his breath, “Today’s my day.” As he walked past the valet and headed to the alley, he saw her, a striking, red-haired woman emerging from the side of the restaurant carry a small suitcase, her radiant smile as captivating as the fiery locks framing her face.

Intrigued, Raphael couldn't resist the urge to get her attention and strike up a conversation. With a confident stride, he approached her, his eyes twinkling with charm.

"Pardon me, please," he said, his voice a velvety caress. "You must be a regular here. Is the food as incredible as they say?"

The woman turned to him, her emerald eyes locking onto his with an amused glint. "Oh, it's to die for," she replied, a lilt to her voice that Raphael could not place, adding an enchanting touch to her words. "But I have to wonder if you're truly interested in the food here or something else."

A wry smile curved Raphael's lips, his captivation impossible to conceal. "A bit of both, perhaps. I'm Chef Raphael Parera, and I've been thinking about acquiring this restaurant. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it." She extended her hand, her delicate fingers warm and inviting. "I'm Sofi-” She cleared her throat. “Isabella, a regular, as you guessed. I'm sure it would be a wonderful addition to your business."

Raphael was overtaken by Isabella's magnetic presence.

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity. "A chef with dreams of his own restaurant? That's intriguing. Tell me more."

“Well, I own the Fat Cat diner near Briarwood campus.”

“Oh, a diner. I see. Well-”

“Yeah, but I was just voted Rising Star and Chef to Watch. You may have heard of me.”

“Oh, you’re that guy? Hmm, I see. Yes, very impressive.” She looked him over. “I’m a friend of the owner. His assistant operations manager, actually. Maybe I can put in a good word for you. If you do acquire it, I hope you’ll invite me for a meal to celebrate.”

Raphael gestured to the seating on the back deck away from the formal service. She agreed to join him, the scent of her hair and flow of her amber silk full length sundress with thigh high slit entranced him. Equally intrigued, as they watched seagulls trace mysterious patterns in the sky and the bartender prepare exquisite cocktails for the dinner patrons. Isabella sipped her Lemon Drop martini, Raphael a dark ale. As they continued to chat, the conversation flowed effortlessly, sparking a connection that went beyond business. The Boat House was no longer just a restaurant he wanted to buy; it was the place where he met the enchanting Isabella, a beautiful red-haired goddess that had entered his life. His phone buzzed. Whoever was trying to contact him would have to wait. As the sun dropped over the water, he extended his arm to Isabella and led her on a quiet stroll along the empty boardwalk away from the flashing lights of police cars. Flooded with ideas, his mind reeled with the anticipation of a life perfectly aligned with his dreams unfolding before his eyes.


About the Author

Barbara Howard is the author of two cozy mystery series; Finding Home and The Clover City Files. Her stories feature a female amateur sleuth, diverse characters, and a dash of romance. She is a first generation tech geek turned master gardener. She returned to her Midwestern hometown after an extensive career as a Department of Defense Project Manager at the Pentagon and spends most of her time treasure hunting, spoiling her fur-babies, growing veggies, and plotting whodunits.

Memberships/Affiliations: Mystery Writers of America (MWA), Sisters in Crime (SinC), Great Lakes Fiction Writers (GLFW), Crime Writers of Color (CWoC), Gamma Xi Phi (GXP)

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Long Held Lake Secrets by Elaine L. Orr

About the Book

A dinner invitation for Digger, who is accompanied by the very pale Uncle Benjamin, gets her involved with a recently discovered relative of their elderly friend Thelma, whose brother died during World War II. DNA testing has led his until-now-unknown great-grandson, Peter, to Maple Grove in the Western Maryland Mountains. Thelma enlists Digger's help as she gets to know Peter.

But his presence is not the only surprise. Letters Thelma recently received from another brother’s estate raise questions about what happened to some of her parents’ prized possessions. Were they submerged with the family's old farm house, which became part of Deep Creek Lake when it was filled in the mid-1920s?

Digger and Uncle Benjamin see no way to learn more, but night visits to the lake by an unscrupulous duo may mean someone else is looking for valuables to plunder. But how would they know it exists, and what would convince them to dive for it? And what will happen to Digger or her friend Marty if they get in the way of the treasure seekers?

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Wednesday, Day 1

Uncle Benjamin spoke vigorously. “I tell you, something’s wrong. In the twenty years after my Clara died, Thelma Zorn never invited me to her house for dinner. Why would she invite you now?”

Digger couldn’t hide a smirk. “Should we make a list of reasons she didn’t ask you?”

“Respect your elders. Especially the dead ones.”

“I respected you when you were alive and when you popped up on my kitchen table after your burial. I can still think of reasons Thelma might not invite you to dinner.”

Uncle Benjamin harrumphed and floated into the back seat. “I shouldn’t have let you talk me into coming.”

“I didn’t…” Digger stopped. Because Uncle Benjamin had to stay in his former (now her) home, the Ancestral Sanctuary, or with her, he often felt bored. No need to remind him he had invited himself.

“What exactly did she say?”

“She said she was going through some old family letters a lawyer sent her from her late brother’s estate. Something I might want to see. That’s all.”


After Thelma has met her surprise great-grandnephew, she receives a copy of a letter her late brother wrote to his love in Germany.

Franklin stayed on his feet. “It’s dated December 12, 1944. Gee, that would be just before the Battle of the Bulge.”

“He died in that battle,” Thelma said, softly.

Franklin’s eyes widened. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” He went back to the letter.

My love Marta,

I write this the night before we leave. You know I wasn’t allowed to tell you when, and I don’t know when we’ll be back. But you and I will be together in spirit, always. And soon in person, I hope.

You asked if I told my parents about you. They will like you, I know, but I will have to wait until the war is over. Your parents hate the Nazis, but not as much as my parents. Well, maybe they do more than mine. But I can’t tell my parents I’m in love with a German girl right now. You know I will stay in Europe until I can bring you home with me.

For now, look in our favorite spot in the holzschuppen. You’ll find something there to keep you company until we see each other again.

I love you forever.


Digger’s eyes were moist and her nose ran. Thelma had already pulled a tissue from her pocket. She managed to say, “Such a treasure.”

Peter’s expression showed obvious relief. “I have a copy at home, and one with me.” He nodded to Thelma. “This one is for you. It should stay in America.”

Marty asked, “What’s a holzschuppen?”

Thelma spoke before Peter did. “It a woodshed. My grandfather spoke English, of course, but he used that German word for the lean-to on the farm, where he stored firewood.”

“My goodness,” Maryann said. “We may have just learned where Peter’s grandmother was conceived.”

Uncle Benjamin came out of the backpack with a loud cackle. “Even I wouldn’t say that.”


Later, there’s concern that Peter is missing.

Digger cleared her throat. “Peter had some notebooks, and I gave him some granola bars to put in the backpack. Did you find anything besides the passport?”

Sheriff Montgomery’s phone buzzed and he held up one finger. “What’s up Collins?” He paused, listening. “Uh huh. Okay. Sure. I’ll meet you at the hospital in Oakland.” He stood.

“Is Peter okay?” Digger asked.

“He didn’t answer your question about other items in the backpack,” Uncle Benjamin said.

“They found a body face down in the lake. It’s the middle of the night, so Department of Natural Resources Police asked our county medical examiner for help, and they’re bringing it to our hospital. I don’t know who it is.”


About the Author

Elaine L. Orr writes four mystery series: the Jolie Gentil series at the Jersey shore, the River’s Edge series along Iowa’s Des Moines River, the Family History Mysteries (set in Western Maryland), and the Logland series, which features a small-town Illinois police chief – and a cozy feel. Behind the Walls was a 2014 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem Award finalist, and Demise of a Devious Neighbor a 2017 finalist. The Unscheduled Murder Trip received an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion in 2021. Elaine also writes plays and what she calls reflective fiction, including novellas Falling Into Place and In the Shadow of Light. Elaine is a member of Sisters in Crime and the International Book Publishers Association.

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Christmas Mysteries

Check out these great mysteries and have a safe and happy holiday season.

A Christmas Shadow by H L Marsay

Even the season of goodwill can’t stop a murder...

Detective Chief Inspector John Shadow is reluctantly attending York Minster’s Advent Ceremony when the new Dean is taken ill after drinking wine. Was her allergic reaction a simple case of human error or could she have been poisoned? Shadow becomes suspicious when he learns someone else has died under similar circumstances. He begins to quietly investigate, but when the body of a young woman is recovered from the river, he knows he must act quickly. And this time, Shadow requires the help of someone from his past.

John Shadow is a man of contradictions. A solitary figure who shuns company, but is a keen observer of all he meets. A lover of good food, but whose fridge is almost always empty. He prefers to work alone but is assisted by the eager Sergeant Jimmy Chang.

Together, the two men must work through a maze of cheating husbands, corrupt clergy and criminal gangs to solve the murders before the killer can strike again.

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Slay Bells Ring by Nancy Robards Thompson

Fans of Gilmore Girls and Murder She Wrote won't want to miss this suspenseful cozy novel from USA TODAY Bestselling author Nancy Robards Thompson.

It's one thing to write a mystery, but when your daughter is the suspect -- you solve it.

Wedding planner Jenna Bell doesn’t panic when the groom is a no-show to the ceremony – even though he is her former high school sweetheart and this wedding is the small town's event of the year. However, when he turns up dead and she is falsely accused… well, yeah, now it’s the time to panic.

Jenna’s mother, Maddie, puts her cozy mystery writing skills to use to try to clear her daughter’s name, stepping on by-the-book Chief of Police Jackson Bradley's toes in the process. No matter how enticing he finds her, he doesn’t want this writer-turned-amateur-sleuth interfering with his murder investigation.

With nearly all of Hemlock, North Carolina, picking sides and the town's own Gossip Brigade churning out the rumors, Maddie discovers the mystery isn't very cozy when it hits this close to home.

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Dead in a Dumpster by B. L. Blair

When Leah Norwood finds the body of Isabel Meeks in the dumpster behind her store, she can’t believe the police consider her a suspect. Sure, she didn’t like Isabel, but then again, neither did anyone else. Isabel had a condescending attitude and a bad reputation. As manager of the antique store, Patina, she had made a lot of enemies.

There is Patina’s assistant manager, the handsome and charming Trent. Isabel was blackmailing him. There is Patina’s owner, the aloof and influential Anthony Thorpe. Isabel was smuggling drugs through his store. And there is the entire drug dealing Cantono family. Isabel had lost a box containing heroin from one of their shipments. That is just to name a few and didn’t even include the stranger who was seen arguing with Isabel just hours before her death.

The police have too many suspects and too many soft alibis. Leah needs to prove to the sexy new chief of police that she had nothing to do with Isabel’s death.

Leah loves a good mystery. Can she find the killer before the police arrest her for murder?

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A Case for the Toy Maker by Candace Havens

Ho. Ho. No…

It’s Christmas in Sweet River, Texas, and the whole town is feeling festive apart from Ainsley McGregor. Ainsley has never enjoyed the holidays and would rather ignore them, but with her shop Bless Your Art busier than ever and filled with happy shoppers, even she’s feeling some Christmas spirit. That is, until her Great Dane, George Clooney, sniffs out a dead body in the Santa House at the Christmas Festival.

When one of her favorite crafters becomes the prime suspect, Ainsley is determined to prove his innocence. The case is full of so many twists and turns that even Ainsley begins to fear the truth. Is she protecting a killer?

With help from her friends and some extremely nosey townsfolk, Ainsley and her dog hurry to find the truth––as long as they can outwit and outrun the killer first. Otherwise, this Christmas might just be her last.

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How Everything Turns Away by Steven J Kolbe

Falsely accused of fabricating evidence, Chicago FBI special agent Ezra James is given a probationary assignment. As head of security at a posh Catholic school, he investigates vandalism and petty theft instead of high-profile murders… Until the night of the Christmas pageant, when a student teacher is attacked and found near death at the foot of the school’s bell tower.

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Rained Out and Other Texas Holiday Disasters by M. R. Dimond

About the Book

Young attorney JD Thompson looks forward to a quiet Thanksgiving week when a raging storm floods Central Texas, confining him and his partners to the Victorian mansion where they work and live. The fine print of their agreement with the house’s owner kicks in, and he and his partners must run a disaster shelter for the town of Beauchamp. The flood waters creep closer to the house, the food supply dwindles, and power and internet fail while people and their pets grow clamorous, but JD’s real problem is a lost child who doesn’t belong to anyone in the shelter. Can JD protect the boy and find his family, or will the storm claim one more life in a long list of tragedies?

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The next day, when I brought back lunch from the Happy Family Restaurant, Dianne yelled from her office, “JD, can we use that photo of you dancing at my cousin’s wedding?”

“Sure,” I said on autopilot as I danced around four kittens swarming me or the open door; I’m not sure which.

I set the bag of community egg rolls and won ton soup on the front desk and went to my own office. I answered three emails before my sense of self-preservation kicked in.

Dianne and Chantal sat with their laptops open on the far side of Dianne’s glass worktable. Despite ancestries from opposite sides of the globe, they looked like my twin sisters caught in the act of something, their eyes wide and shoulders hunched. Something told me Dianne didn’t want my picture for the company social media. Chantal was helping Dianne with the upcoming flood of tax work, but she didn’t need my photo for that.

Officer Al, formally known as Officer Alejandro Quintanilla-Villanueva, sat near the door. He swallowed his egg roll and replied with all the aplomb a young, recently minted officer can muster, “Dianne and Chantal are helping me with my inquiries.”

“Oh? Am I part of a lineup?” I asked.

Chantal, earnest as a nun, said, “Not like that at all! No one will recognize you.”

I picked up Dianne’s white and gold cat Nevada from the last chair in the room and put her in my lap. “Obviously there’s a story.”

They shared glances. Chantal turned her laptop around so I could see her graphics work.

It doesn’t often happen, but I was struck silent.

“I blended you with this Spanish soccer star.” She opened another photo. “I couldn’t use him—”

“Because everyone would say, ‘That’s Fernando Torres,’” I said. “So why have you joined Fernando and me in this unholy Photoshop-imony? Though we do look…is dashing the word? If older.”

“I was going for silver fox,” said Chantal. “Though still somewhat golden.”

“Something to aspire to,” I agreed. “Why do you need a silver-gold fox?”

Glances flew around the room again, an undertow of things unsaid.

Dianne sighed. “I see we’re going to have to tell you everything.”

I smiled and stretched my legs. The office felt cramped with four people in it, not to mention four kittens. Two tabbies, brown and orange, wrestled across Dianne’s keyboard. Another tabby slashed at ankles from under the desk.

“Officer Alejandro has a case like my tía, a lady who invested money in an online romance.”

He nodded. “The financial detectives in the Austin Police Department are investigating an international crime network, and one of the victims lives in Beauchamp. I talked to her, and she insisted that they and I were lying. She knew this man loved her and would come here to join her, as soon as he paid off debts and bribed officials for a visa. She sent him $12,000. He was more real to her than me, sitting in the same room with her. She’d never do anything to hurt him. What do you do when the biggest obstacle is the victim?”

Chantal declared, “Well, we’re doing something about it.” She gestured to her laptop. “Meet Diego García Aznar.”

“Don’t show him to my mother,” Dianne said. “She’ll have me engaged to him in a week.”

“Don’t show him to my dad,” I replied. “He’ll think it’s his long-lost son.”

Chantal mused, “I think we should send him to JD’s dad and see what he’ll pay for Diego never to show up on the doorstep as his son.”

“I think you should remember I’m an officer of the court and Al is an officer of the law,” I advised. “And that my father’s also a lawyer, a bad choice for scams.”

“I’m joking.” But she eyed Al hard, to make sure he knew.

Officer Al forced a grin. “JK, right. The photo does look a lot like JD.”

“Him and that Spanish soccer star. But older. You think your aunt will go for him, Dianne?”

Dianne said, “For certain. Crop the other people out, though. She’d recognize our relatives.”


About the Author

After stints in professional orchestras, law firms, cat rescue, bookkeeping, and technical communication, M. R. Dimond returned to a childhood dream of writing fiction, which has turned out to be about musicians, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, and cats. Her Black Orchid Enterprises Mystery series, set in her near-native Texas, currently contains three novels with more soon to come.

She has had short fiction published in Strange Horizons, Dancing USA, and various anthologies (most recently in Dreaming the Goddess; Hook, Line, and Sinker; and Riddles, Resolutions, and Revenge), as well as nonfiction articles in various publications.

She holds an MBA from University of Tulsa and is a veteran of writing workshops, including Clarion, Viable Paradise, Jim Gunn’s Center for Science Fiction, and Taos Toolbox. She lives in the wilderness east of Austin, Texas, with her husband and many foster cats.

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The Holly Swimsuit Mystery Series by Susie Black

Death by Sample Size

Everyone wanted her dead…but who actually killed her? The last thing swimwear sales exec Holly Schlivnik expected was to discover ruthless buying office big wig Bunny Frank's corpse trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey with a bikini stuffed down her throat. When Holly's colleague is arrested for Bunny's murder, the wise-cracking, irreverent amateur sleuth jumps into action to find the real killer. Nothing turns out the way Holly thinks it will as she matches wits with a wily murderer hellbent for revenge.

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Death by Pins and Needles

The last thing Mermaid Swimwear sales exec Holly Schlivnik expected to find when she opened the closet door was nasty competitor Lissa Charney’s battered corpse nailed to the wall. When Holly’s colleague is wrongly arrested for Lissa’s murder, the wise-cracking, irreverent amateur sleuth sticks her nose everywhere it doesn’t belong to sniff out the real killer. Nothing turns out the way she thinks it will as Holly matches wits with a heartless killer hellbent for revenge.

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Death by Surfboard

No one is more stunned than Mermaid Swimwear sales exec Holly Schlivnik when a fisherman hooks her unscrupulous colleague’s battered corpse attached to a surfboard and hauls it onto the Washington Street Pier. The coroner ruled that while Jack Tyne drowned, he “had help dying,” and Holly’s boss is wrongly arrested for the crime. To save the big cheese from a life behind bars, the wise-cracking, irreverent amateur detective dons her sleuthing hat to find Jack’s real killer. But the trail has more twists and turns than a pretzel, and nothing turns out the way Holly thinks it will as she tangles with a clever killer hellbent for revenge.

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Death by Cutting Table

Mermaid Swimwear CEO Butch Oldham was an equal opportunity scoundrel who screwed anyone and everyone in his wake. So, the question wasn’t who wanted the bastard dead. The question was, who didn’t?

After Mermaid sales exec Holly Schlivnik finds colleague Queenie Levine standing over Oldham’s battered corpse nailed to a fabric cutting table with a pair of cutting shears plunged deep into his chest, the cops soon recover Queenie’s hidden blood-soaked sweater, discover her stormy relationship with the victim, and her public threats to make Butch pay for destroying Mermaid by stealing it blind.

When Queenie is arrested for Butch’s murder, Holly jumps into action to flesh out the real killer. But the trail has more twists and turns than a slinky, and nothing turns out the way the wise-cracking, irreverent amateur sleuth thinks it will as she tangles with a clever killer hellbent for revenge.

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About the Author

Named Best US Author of the Year by N. N. Lights Book Heaven, award-winning cozy mystery author Susie Black was born in the Big Apple but now calls sunny Southern California home. Like the protagonist in her Holly Swimsuit Mystery Series, Susie is a successful apparel sales executive. Susie began telling stories as soon as she learned to talk. Now she’s telling all the stories from her garment industry experiences in humorous mysteries. She reads, writes, and speaks Spanish, albeit with an accent that sounds like Mildred from Michigan went on a Mexican vacation and is trying to fit in with the locals. Since life without pizza and ice cream as her core food groups wouldn’t be worth living, she’s a dedicated walker to keep her girlish figure. A voracious reader, she’s also an avid stamp collector. Susie lives with a highly intelligent man and has one incredibly brainy but smart-aleck adult son who inexplicably blames his sarcasm on an inherited genetic defect.

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A Christmas Conundrum: A Liz Adams Mystery by Stacy Wilder

About the Book

Nancy Drew meets How the Grinch Stole Christmas in this delightful cozy mystery set in Charleston, SC.

Who’s stealing the holiday decorations? They’re disappearing like Christmas cookies from PeggyLou Designs, and Lou’s newly launched event planning service is in trouble. He implores his neighbor and friend, Private Investigator Liz Adams, to bring the thief to justice.

The clock is ticking. It’s only ten days until the mayor’s big holiday celebration. The party that will make or break Lou’s business.

Liz’s mom, Babs, steps in to help, and the investigation becomes complicated. Suddenly the holidays are not all mistletoe and merriment when Bab’s life is threatened. Will Liz and her lie-detecting Labrador retriever, Duke, discover the perpetrator before it’s too late?

Experience Charleston in the city’s full Christmas glory in this fun fast-paced holiday story.

Amazon E-book ~~ Amazon Paperback ~~ Amazon Hardback

Barnes and Noble ~~ ~~ Goodreads

Guest Post

Is Self-publishing Right For You?

If you’ve crossed that first hurdle and completed a manuscript, congratulations! If you’re still working on a book keep at it. Charleston Conundrum took me fifteen years to finish.

How do you get your book baby published? The options can be overwhelming. You could find an agent, or you could pitch directly to publishers. There are small presses, large presses, hybrid presses, etc. 

. . . Or you could self-publish.

I chose to self-publish through IngramSpark and Amazon KDP under a registered trade name, Wild Hawk Press. Here are the main things I learned on my self-publishing journey.

  1. You will need to build your own team. I used a professional cover designer, editor, proofreader, and interior formatter for all three books. I love to collaborate, so this is a (mostly) fun part of the process for me. 
  2. You choose the formats for your story, eBook, paperback, hardback, audiobook. Some authors decide to release only an eBook version. I haven’t ventured into audiobooks . . . yet. 
  3. Buy your ISBN numbers through Bowker. That way you own them. An ISBN is a unique identifier for each format of a story. I also chose to register each book with the Library of Congress. 
  4. Copyright your manuscript toward the end when any potential changes are minor. Some authors skip this step. For me there’s something about getting that official piece of paper.
  5. You choose the price for your book. This means that you can also choose to run promotions at any time. Although setting the price for a book can be a daunting task, I like being able to have this flexibility.
  6. You decide your release date. This was a huge one for me. I have several people in my life who are aging, and I wanted the first book to be available sooner than it would have been through a traditional publisher.
  7. If you publish an eBook through KDP, you will need to decide if the eBook will be exclusive to Amazon, or if you want other distributors like Barnes and Noble to offer the book. The latter is called wide. I wanted libraries to have access to the eBook, so I chose wide with Charleston Conundrum and Carmel Conundrum. However, I realized I was missing out on readers who select their books only through Kindle Unlimited. So, for my latest release, A Christmas Conundrum, a novella, I chose to make it exclusive to Amazon. If you’re exclusive, you can change your mind later. For me, I plan to continue to make the full novels wide and limit the novellas to Amazon. 
  8. I have a day job. Although there are quite a lot of steps in the self-publishing journey, I’m on my own timeline vs. a publisher’s deadlines.
  9. The timing of the steps can be confusing with your first book, but once you learn it gets a lot easier.
  10. The author community is very supportive. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Regardless of which publishing route you choose, be prepared to do a lot of your own marketing. 

If you have questions, please reach out to me via my website For me this is a journey of passion and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged and good luck.


About the Author

Stacy Wilder
has traveled to six out of seven continents. Books have shaped her life and her travels. Her love of mysteries began with Nancy Drew.

A Christmas Conundrum is the third book in the riveting Liz Adams Mystery series. In addition to mysteries, Stacy writes children’s stories, short stories, and poetry. She and her husband live in Houston, Texas, with a totally spoiled Labrador retriever, Eve.

Website ~~ Facebook ~~ Instagram ~~ YouTube ~~ BookBub


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Tanks by Ted Mulcahey

About the Book

Whidbey Island’s peaceful, bucolic lifestyle is invaded by a deranged psychopath intent on poisoning a significant portion of the population.

The O’Malleys join Deputy Roger Wilkie, world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Andie Saunders, and friends from past episodes in a battle of wits with a dangerously clever adversary.

With unpredictable twists and turns, the challenge of apprehending the evildoer is thwarted by the storm of the century, further challenging the amateur sleuths as they match wits against the formidable villain.

It’s another tongue-in-cheek adventure featuring the retired designers and their faithful German Shepherd.

Amazon ~~ Barnes & Noble ~~ Goodreads


He waited until the Duke Water treatment truck backed down the gravel road that served the concrete reservoir. It was five p.m. on April 20th on Whidbey Island, and he still had to wait three hours until it would be dark enough.

Concealment was not an issue here in the thick pine and fir forest, and his excitement trumped any boredom that might have crept in. With clear skies, the temperature fell quickly, even at this time of year; he was glad he’d worn his jacket.

After intermittently watching the tank for almost a month, he’d gotten used to the routine of the monitoring company. They came once a week, on Tuesdays, and always between four and five p.m. Sometimes she would be there for half an hour and sometimes only ten minutes. Today it took longer, so he had to wait behind the deadfall from one of the fierce winter storms.

At a shade under five-ten, his slight build and unremarkable features were excellent attributes for a man who preferred to remain overlooked. A closer inspection would reveal very dark eyes that were perhaps just a smidge too close together and a thin-lipped mouth with a perpetual cruel smirk leaking from the right corner. Wispy brownish hair of medium length was concealed by a generic ballcap absent of any logo.

As dusk turned to twilight, he made his way to the access ladder at the rear of the 35,000-gallon reservoir. He thought it comical that the drinking water for a hundred or more homes had little or no security, but hey, too bad for them, he figured.

With his Mini Maglite between his teeth, he climbed the rusty steel ladder twenty feet to the top, where the vent pipe and the access port were located. He would be here all night if he had to remove the rusted bolts from the cover; fortunately, the vent pipe was all he needed.

Keeping his gloves on, he removed his backpack, still securing the LED light with his teeth, and removed the tools he needed to complete his task: A saw, a PVC fitting and cement, his respirator, and three quarts of a unique blend he’d been working on.

He used the saw to cut off the three-inch “U” at the vent termination and stuffed it in his pack. Next, after taking the flashlight from his mouth and placing it on the concrete surface, he securely fastened his mask and dumped the contents of the quart bottles into the tank via the vent. After placing the empty bottles in his pack with the sawn-off fitting, he swabbed the vent pipe and fitting he’d brought with PVC cement and immediately twisted them together.

Standing back to admire his handiwork, he removed the mask. The risk of airborne transmission was remote, but the virulence of his creation made the additional precaution necessary. The vent stack was now several inches shorter, but no one would ever notice. Making sure nothing was left behind, he climbed back down and walked to East Harbor Road. Traffic was sparse; even so, he took care to avoid any cars. Several passed by during the time it took to get back to the truck, which he’d parked at a seldom-used trailhead, but he avoided them by stepping into the brush long before their headlights reached him.

Getting back inside his ten-year-old Toyota Tacoma pickup with the heater cranked up felt good. Now all he had to do was wait a few days. He was confident of his calculations, and soon, there would be illness in the small community on the east side of Holmes Harbor. He relaxed and listened to the reggae sounds of Bob Marley on the twenty-minute drive back to his home.


About the Author

Ted’s observations and stories are formed by his stint in the Army, his sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial activities, and his life growing up as one of nine siblings in a typical Irish Catholic family.

Starting in New England he managed to find his way to the Pacific Northwest where he has lived for over three decades. He now lives on an island in the middle of Puget Sound with his wife and trusted GSD, Emma.

~~ Website ~~


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The Jig is Up by M K Scott

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. M K Scott will be awarding a $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

About the Book

I looked forward to sipping tea and exploring Mark’s ancestral roots in Ireland, but oh, what a twist of fate!
My life as owner of The Painted Lady Inn hardly prepared me for this. With my detective husband by my side, we embark on a journey filled with mayhem, murder, and mischief.
As I savor every bite of Irish stew and soak in the breathtaking scenery, little do I know that our vacation will turn into a whirlwind of sleuthing.
Who could have imagined the secrets hidden behind Mark’s family tree? And what dark secrets lurk in this picturesque village, threatening to shatter the tranquility?

The jig is up, and it’s up to us to untangle the web of intrigue.

~~ Amazon ~~


A large delivery truck emblazoned with the word Tato and a smiling potato wearing a bowler hat careened around the curve. “Mark, watch out! He’s coming right at us.”

“What’s his problem?” Mark exclaimed, pushing in the clutch and shifting down while guiding the tiny car to the suggestion of a shoulder. The truck honked as it whizzed by them causing the small car to sway.

“Um…” Donna cleared her throat. “I think you were in his lane.”

Mark muttered something indecipherable, then closed his eyes. “You’re right. If I wasn’t so flummoxed by this joke of a car, I might have remembered they drive on the left side of the road. Add in the manual transmission, which I haven’t driven since high school. Having to use my left hand for shifting doesn’t help.”

“I know, honey.” She reached over to pat her husband’s arm, which only required moving her hand the slightest bit. “At least we’re still in the airport parking lot as opposed to an actual road.”

“Good thing.” His eyes flickered open and he inhaled audibly. “It is what it is. Let’s start by getting on the right side of the road.”

“Left side.” Donna couldn’t stop herself from commenting.

After glancing both ways, Mark steered the vehicle over to the left lane. “They could have at least put some reminder to drive on the left side.”

“They did.” She pointed to white transparent letters slightly above eye view that read: Stay Left.

“Not the easiest to read.”

“Of course not,” she readily agreed with her husband, well aware a portion of his attitude came from being tricked by the counter clerk. The rest came from being out of control. So far, this wasn’t the trip they’d planned. “How about you find a car going our way and just stay behind it? That’s what I do on long trips.”

About the Author

M. K. Scott is the Morgan and Scott cozy mystery writing team of The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries, The Talking Dog Detective Agency, The Way Over the Hill Gang, Cupid’s Catering Company, and The Tenacious Librarian series. Morgan pens the tales, while Scott serves as first editor and webmaster. Daughter Sarah handles the social media and Jane the Lab supervises digging in the garden.

The book is on sale for only $0.99.

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In the Key of Dead: A Miami Music Mystery by Zaida Alfaro

About the Book

Killer songs and a killer voice land Vy in yet another melodic murder mystery. Interlude Records has signed Vy to a long-anticipated record deal after years of rejections, but she never thought that murder would be part of the deal. Now, Vy finds herself, yet again, at the center of a murder investigation that may change the course of her music career.

It seems that someone doesn’t want Vy to record her album, and is doing everything to sabotage the release date, including murdering a key member of the production team. So Vy and her sister, Alexia, are back at it again—detecting in their own way. This time they’re using their quick-witted banter, and super sleuthing skills to ensure that Vy’s record makes it to the Billboard Top 100 list before the murderer makes it to the Miami Beach Police Department’s most wanted list.

They say the music industry is cutthroat, but Vy has never taken that statement literally. Could this be the strum of Vy’s guitar playing her last note IN THE KEY OF DEAD?

Kindle ~~ Books2Read ~~ Goodreads ~~ BookBub 



“Good. Are we done now? I have a session in about one hour.” The reply was a simple 
impassive nod. “Okay, then I will see you tomorrow.” 

She rotated the chair once again, facing the soundboard and dismissing the conversation as quickly as it started. She picked up the silver Bose headphones, placed them on her ears, and started to work. She knew that nothing else could be said or done. It took many years in this business to train her mind to not let her emotions get in the way. She refused to feel guilty about a business decision that would save the label money. Business is business, so she placed her left index finger on the slider and turned up the volume. The track played loudly through the headphones. She closed her eyes and started to dissect the errors she had to correct. 

She was so engulfed in her musical world that she did not notice or care about anything around her. She did not notice she was not alone in the room. She did not notice a figure standing in the corner of the room looking at a guitar stand holding a white, custom-made nineteen-seventy-eight Les Paul electric guitar. She did not notice the guitar would never be played again. And she certainly did not notice that the guitar had been slowly and quietly lifted from its stand, and was, without any thought, swung in her direction. 


About the Author

The Miami Music Mystery series’ main backdrop, the amazing city of Miami, Florida, is beloved and well-known to me. I was born and raised in Miami, and like the novel’s main character Vy, I am a singer/songwriter, Grammy considered, independent artist. All things relating to music or literature are my passion.

Many years ago, I became an avid reader of cozy mysteries. The story lines were intriguing, engaging, and funny at the same time. I was so inspired by the authors, that I then decided to take my musical experiences, and put it on paper. I published my first novel, The Last Note, a Miami Music Mystery. Now, I have brought my characters back to life, in the sequel, In the Key of Dead, a Miami Music Mystery. The phobia's, the dream sequences, and the quirkiness of the main characters, are all based on facts. I hope that I was able to, once again, show the readers of my novels, the love I have for Miami, the Cuban culture, my family, and music.

Website ~~ Facebook ~~ Instagram ~~ Twitter (X) ~~ Goodreads